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NHM_-_Central_nervous_system_1While we’re bullish about our handiwork here at VNT, we have to give props to the most brilliant and complex recording device ever developed: the human central nervous system and its visual and auditory centers. Just consider, it would take a 576 mexapixel camera to match the detail of what the human eye captures!

But while your central nervous system renders the visual and auditory of your life in remarkable detail, much of this detail is fleeting. And necessarily so. Imagine the storage demands on your human hard drive to retain all that data. And so for centuries, we have had to rely on back-up recording systems. And while tremendous advances have been made since the initial photographs and audio recordings of the 19th century, we’re still fundamentally talking redundant technology. Until now.

The Product

The VNT Life Reporter. Click to view technical schematic

Victor NeuroTech’s Life Reporter represents a breakthrough in the communication between human internal systems and external electronic extensions. Once applied to your skin, the VNT Life Reporter takes raw information from your visual and auditory nervous system and converts it to digital data, producing unbeatable recording fidelity. To be clear, we’re not talking about implanting external cameras and listening devices into your body. We’re talking about using your “original equipment” in a revolutionary new way.

And while translating sensory input into digital data is pretty cool, it’s just the first step. Raw sensory input is a bit of mess, as many things are happening at one time, including the work of two separate eyes and ears. VNT does the processing work needed to a create a single audio-visual track. We even interpolate data to eliminate the pesky distraction of blinking!


Relive all the key moments of your life. In high-def video or printable still images. That amazing view. That look in her eyes. That tale your grandfather spun. That crazy-ass cat. That guaranteed $10,000 AFV winning gaffe. That place where you left your favorite sweater. Even the license plate of the creep who hit and ran the car in front of you.


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And resolve those lingering questions. What did I say? What were her exact words? Did he mention that? Did she really look my way? Twice?? And was she smiling? With our zoom and volume enhancement features, you’ll know.

What’s more, all Life Reporter data is automatically processed with VNT’s proprietary audio processing technology, providing an unrivaled level of insight into your verbal interactions. These are just a few of the things that can be reported to your customized QuantifyU dashboard:

  • How many words did you speak today? This week? This month?
  • How big is your vocabulary?
  • What word did you use the most?
  • How many times did you curse? Say “you know”? Or “um”? Or…
  • What was your average volume level?
  • What was your intelligibility score (how understandable is your diction?)
  • What was the average grade level of your conversations?

And while your VNT Life Reporter is prepared to pound the pavement with you 24-7, you can always power it down when you need a bit of off-air privacy.

Employing the VNT Life Reporter

There are three cost components associated with owning the VNT Life Reporter: the hardware, the application and the QuantifyU data warehousing, processing and dashboard hosting. See our pricing/services page for more details.

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image (central nervous system): Emőke Dénes (NHM) via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.5)