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meditationguy1The spiritual yogis of eastern religious traditions are the masters of the mind. Through practice and discipline they’ve learned to train their brains to achieve a superior level of focus, inner peace and even consciousness, wielding active control over their dreams.

Leveraging brain-imaging powerful enough to capture individual neuron firings, VNT has spent years studying the yogi brain. We’ve discovered yogis possess a superior ability to not only align their brainwaves with the task at hand, but instantly transition from one brain state to another. From the delta waves of deep sleep to the theta waves of meditation to the alpha waves of reading and athletics (our yogi friends include a mean table tennis player) to the beta waves of social interaction. We’ve even borne witness to the mythic gamma waves during recorded flights of lucid dreaming. What’s more, we’ve discovered the yogi brain demonstrates a remarkable degree for cross-lobe and cross-hemisphere synchrony, proving that single-mindedness is much more than just a turn of phrase.

The Product (Part 1)

The revolutionary 2-way VNT EEG. Click image to view technical schematic.

The Victor NeuroTech Instant Yogi brings the life-altering capabilities of the yogi mind to your disposal. Here’s how it works. The Instant Yogi relies upon the interaction of two VNT functional body art components. The first component is a revolutionary, single-channel, two-way EEG worn on the back of the skull. Forget about those freaky electrode intensive EEG “shower caps” of yesteryear. Four strategically placed, super-efficient electrodes are all it takes.The EEG captures a study-flow of valuable, real-time diagnostic feedback from both your waking and sleeping brain that is in turn wirelessly broadcast to your secure VNT QuantifyU data center.

From there, it’s a simple drag and drop to select from a variety of pre-set data analysis routines that can provide first-line screening of a wide range of potential issues from subtle dyssychronies to ADD to sleep disorders to depression to schizophrenia. You can also choose which daily reporting metrics to share to your customized QuantifyU dashboard. Personally we’re big fans of the daily brain wave pie chart!

The Product (Part 2)

The forearm controller. Click image to view technical schematic.

Alright, so you’ve got unprecedented, user-friendly insight into the workings of your own brain. But what takes this product from “yo!” to “yogi” is the ability to alter your brain waves with safe, low energy electromagnetic impulses. Now, altering your brainwaves is not a revolutionary concept. Light and sound based brain entrainment devices have existed for decades, but unfortunately work in a rather untargeted and consequently highly inefficient fashion.

Using the VNT Instant Yogi, however, is as easy as pressing a few illuminated buttons on the forearm controller, entering a pass code and selecting a desired brain wave frequency. The controller communicates with the EEG and then instantly shifts you into the desired brain state to support whatever you are seeking to do. And check this out — illuminated indicators can either visualize your current brain wave frequency or simply display any color of your choosing. That’s our idea of a brainwave light show.


Click for larger product poster view.

There’s also a feature where you can use a simple calendaring app to pre-program your Instant Yogi for the day’s events. So you can make the most of most your 6am run. Or that 9pm cram session. Or that midnight boot-, um, rendezvous. Or even that final REM cycle lucid dreaming push.

And because the Instant Yogi leverages both low energy pulses and daily pulse limits as well as brainwave best practices such as regular alpha/theta breaks during active engagement periods, it is completely safe. What’s more, over time, as your brain constructs its own neural network reinforcement, your need to manually intercede with the Instant Yogi will likely decline overtime.

Become one with the Instant Yogi

There are three cost components associated with owning the VNT Instant Yogi: the functional body art, the application and the QuantifyU data warehousing, processing and dashboard hosting. See our pricing/services page for more. See our pricing/services page for more.

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